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March 26, 2003 - Ellen Dioguardi (Sag), Elly Delong and Jim Wiley (Carmel, Indiana) and friends from Sag Harbor, New York, USA

Dear Jack and Mere (and of course Eric too)

What can I say about a day that I now rank as one of my top 20 days to remember? Well, first off - Thank you all. From the moment when you're email was the first response I got to my 4 inquires about an early morning charter to the St. Martin airport from Anguilla right up to our good-bye drink at Johnno's, you guys were the best. I had really worried about getting my friend Judy to her 8am flight in St. Martin in time and you made that all so easy. Your willingness to add a sightseeing charter on top of that chore was very impressive. Judy and I were both terribly impressed with how quickly and efficiently you got us to St. Martin and Eric's help when Judy's flight was cancelled was really extraordinary. Judy has travelled extensively all over the world and she was so touched and thankful for Eric's kindness in jumping right in and becoming her "personal travel assistant" (for that half hour of panic in the airport) that she's still talking about it. His patience and help was invaluable.

For me the opportunity to be impressed really kicked in when we started the truly fun part of the day. From picking up my friends in stages to taking us back to the same spots so everyone could see the same sights, you were never anything but perfectly accommodating. Your decision to take us to Sandy Island for lunch was inspired. We were so happy there we didn't want to leave, well, some of us didn't leave and I have to thank you again for fitting more people on No Fear than we'd first discussed. What could I do, they wouldn't go back to shore!!!!

Your rum punch was fabulous, the boat's a knock out and most of all your friendship helped make a special day just perfect. I thought for sure after getting up at 5am I'd be all done in before 3pm and yet there we were zooming around Shoal Bay at 4:30, still laughing and having a fabulous time.

I can't wait to try out Zippity Do Da on my next visit just to make the comparison but No Fear will always hold a special place in my heart as my first cigarette! I'm afraid I'm hooked. That big boat, that big engine and

yet that smooth ride - I laughed my head off when Eric fed my thirst for speed on our last pick up run to Sandy Ground, what a blast! All my friends were thrilled with the day and we will all be using your services again and again I'm sure.

Thanks again and please keep in touch I really enjoyed meeting all of you.

Ellen Dioguardi

Sag Harbor, New York



































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