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Jan 25, 2003 - Lloyd Sinclair and Family from Madison, Wisconson, USA

The day on No Fear will never be forgotten.  We met at Sandy Ground in the pouring rain, and after the local weather experts pronounced that the rain would pass, we waited a few minutes and they were right.  With threatening clouds behind us, the crew of No Fear accommodated our desire to stay dry, and they outran the rain, which was such a thrill for all of us.  They took us to Dog Island, which is absolutely magical.  The beach is fantastic; with a few sailboats and yachts moored nearby, we swam, played, and yes, we even danced on the boat to the sounds of reggae.  When we were ready for something new, off we went to Prickly Pear.  There it was lunchtime, where our hosts prepared a delicious meal as we swam, played, walked the beach, and admired the birds and geckos.  From there, at our request, our crew took us on a tour of much of the south side of Anguilla, seeing the island we love from an entirely different, and very magical, perspective.  So many beaches, so many cliffs, such beauty.  Then they took us to Little Bay, where we swam, joined other brave souls who were jumping off a cliff, and of course, laughed, drank and relaxed.

Thanks Jack, Germaine and Eric for a most memorable day. 

Anne Keller, Lloyd Sinclair and family.


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